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Our Services

We offer unique storage solutions solutions and serves a variety of industries across the United States.

Information Management

Let ASA help improve upon your records management by achieving faster access and higher accountability of your important company documents.


Professional Services

ASA members can quickly analyze your business’ problems and implement the correct solutions.

Industrial Storage

Everyone is looking for lean storage solutions to eliminate waste and create revenue-generating facilities. The right storage solution can help contribute to overall efficiencies.


Modular Casework Cabinetry offers a flexible and functional solution for anywhere that traditional millwork is used.

Material Handling

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are found in nearly every industry in countries throughout the world.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Filing System Design is a specialty offered by ASA for designing and implementing moveable shelving systems.

About ASA Group

Automated Solutions Association is an international group of consultants specializing in storage and filing systems and the associated professional services. Each respective ASA member represents a variety of manufacturers for product specific solutions and serves a variety of markets including government, healthcare, law enforcement, museums, schools, industrial facilities and more.

Your local ASA member will assist you with your project every step of the way: from the beginning with space planning & CAD drawing services; then designing a storage system, like high-density mobile shelving; also using certified technicians to install your storage system, and finally providing ongoing maintenance. For more information on individual ASA members, you can visit their websites from our Find a Dealer page.

Office Storage Products:

  • Modular Casework Cabinetry
  • High-Density Storage Shelving
  • Lateral Sliding Storage Shelving
  • Rotary File Cabinets
  • Color-Coded Filing Systems
  • File Box Storage Shelving
  • Copy and Mailroom Furniture
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Shelving Solutions
  • Library and Collection Shelving
  • Artifact and Museum Archives

Industrial Storage Products:

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval
  • Automated Vertical Lift Systems
  • Horizontal Storage Carousels
  • Vertical Storage Carousels
  • Moveable Pallet Racks
  • High-Density Compact Racks
  • Wire Security Cages & Partitions
  • Wire Shelving Racks
  • Moveable Aisle Racks
  • Secure Weapons Storage
  • Mezzanines

Additional Services:

  • Barcode & RFID File Tracking
  • Document Imaging
  • File Conversions
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Off-Site Archival Storage
  • Service Contracts
  • Equipment File Relocation
  • Installation Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repair Services
  • Maintenance Agreements

Contact Your Local ASA Member

ASA members are ready to help you design a filing and storage system that will maximize space and productivity in your workplace. To learn more, find the ASA member in your area or fill out a form to have a member contact you.