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Southwest Solutions Group

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi

Southwest Solutions Group® is a solution-oriented company providing storage solutions to businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Dallas, our team is comprised of over 100 highly experienced professionals, operating out of 16 offices nationwide.

We proudly serve: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and all of Texas. Oklahoma City, Little Rock Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee and Jackson Mississippi.

Contact this records management professional today for expert advice on storage and retrieval systems.

The 21st century demands that companies and institutions run leaner and more efficiently by better utilizing their existing organizational infrastructure of facilities and human capital. Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group, Inc. has increased business performance with dynamic records management and storage solutions.

Point Of Contact
Craig Crock

2535-B E. State Highway 121 Suite 110
Lewisville, TX 75056

Products We Market & Install

  • High-Density Mobile Rolling Shelving
  • Lateral Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Rotary Files
  • Vertical Carousels
  • Horizontal Carousels
  • Demountable/Moveable Walls
  • On-Demand Color Coded Labeling Software
  • Barcode and File Tracking
  • RFID File Tracking
  • Imaging Software
  • Mailroom Furniture & Mailroom Sorter Systems
  • Filing Supplies and Cabinets
  • Modular Millwork and Lab Casework
  • Library Shelving & Compact Shelving
  • High-Density Multimedia Storage
  • Secure Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Office Wall Shelving Systems
  • Filing Systems
  • File, Box, Parts, and Storage Shelving
  • X-Ray Shelving Systems
  • Warehouse Compact Mobile Pallet Racking Storage
  • Color-Coded Labeling
  • Fire Proof Files
  • Rotating Shelving Systems
  • Material Handling Systems

Solutions available on

  • Corporate Contracts
  • GSA Contract
  • State of Texas Contract
  • QISV Contrac
  • Multiple Healthcare Contracts – Tenet, Novation, Premier, MedAssets, and others
  • TXMAS Contract


  • U.S. Communities Contract
  • Kansas State Contract
  • Others

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