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Mailroom DesignMailroom Design

Mailrooms are notorious for being the leftover space in a floor plan, so furniture with limited sizes (mostly steel construction) is rarely the best solution. The mailroom is definitely not the place to be installing built-in furniture because it hampers the ability to change and adjust as the company requirements change.

While every mailroom has the basic incoming and outgoing functions for regular mail, each operation is unique and requires a design that is both functional and flexible. The best equipment can be made in a large variety of widths, depths and heights. Size flexibility makes better space utilization in limited spaces.

Modular mailroom furniture and equipment is the best solution for reducing costs and keeping the environment cleaner. With this solution adjustments in your work environment become easy with regards to your furniture. Need to expand? No problem, simply reconfigure your furniture as you need to by disconnecting it from the easy to attach mounting bracket or add other modules to accommodate your needs.

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ASA members offer mailroom furniture and equipment to customers for efficient mail flow systems. With a background in shelving storage systems, ASA members know how to design a space for maximum storage and retrieval density and productivity which is also critical in the mail room.  To learn more, find the ASA member in your area or fill out a form to have a member contact you.