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Vertical Storage Systems Design Guidelines

Vertical storage systems are available in different heights, widths and depths to accommodate various storage applications. The most common application for vertical storage systems is for end-tab file folder storage. Vertical storage systems are proven systems with the highest productivity of any filing system available and the best ergonomics.

Each ASA member is well versed in the design of vertical storage systems and offers unique and different products and services. The sections below will answers some general questions your architect or design firm has in preparing for a new storage system set up. For hands on assistance with your planning and budgeting needs, please contact your local ASA member by filling out a form or calling them direct.

Considerations for Vertical Storage System Design

Each Vertical Storage System consists of 2 uprights connected via a drive shaft with paneling covering the outside of the machine. Each unit has an ergonomic access opening available at a seated or standing position with a fixed work counter. The fixed seated position access opening will meet all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehab Act for access.

Inside of each Vertical Storage System is a Ferris wheel type structure with a chain being driven through a motor and carriers (shelves) rotating around in a vertical manner. Files are brought to the operator at the access opening when the number of the shelf is called for on the controller. Units are standard with a locking door for security requirements.

Machines require a dedicated power source 110V 20 AMP dedicated breaker per unit.

Carriers Available

Please note that each unit is set up with only one height clearance for shelves set-up throughout the entire unit. File folders stored at an 11″ pitch will not accommodate an 11.5″ H binder in the same unit.

  • Letter Size Files
  • Legal Size Files
  • Binders
  • European Binders
  • Letter Size File Drawers
  • Legal Size File Drawers
  • Forms and Publication Carriers
  • Check Trays
  • Aperature Card Trays
  • Multi-Media Drawers

Accessories Available for Vertical Storage Systems

  • Overhead Access Lights
  • Custom Color Configurations
  • Software Interface
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Fire Suppression Features
  • Units without a work counter
  • Portable Controller

Contact Your Local ASA Member

ASA members are ready to help you design a filing and storage system that will maximize space and productivity in your workplace. To learn more, find the ASA member in your area or fill out a form to have a member contact you.