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Store Athletic Equipment & Gear in High Density Mobile Shelving

Athletic equipment and gear is used at K-12 schools, universities, professional sports arenas, community centers, churches, and much more. And not only is it used in a variety of places, there’s so many different items for each sport. This is just a partial list of what your equipment manager might be storing:

  • Balls – footballs, basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs, bowling balls
  • Uniforms – practice uniforms, home game uniforms, away game uniforms
  • Pads – knee pads, shoulder pads, arm pads
  • Clothing – shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirts, polos
  • Protective Gear – helmets, face guards, mouth guards, gloves

The biggest problem is that all of the athletic equipment and gear takes up a large amount of space, and many times, the room you have to store it all just can’t handle everything.

Why You Should Use High Density Mobile Shelving to Store Athletic Equipment & Gear

But with high density mobile shelving, you can double your storage capacity or cut your storage space requirements in half. Of course it’s not just the space savings that makes high density mobile shelving the best solution for storing athletic equipment and gear, it’s the specialization and organization.

Shelves can be designed to accommodate a variety of items. Every shelf can be specialized to your exact needs. For example, you can store both hanging uniforms and facemasks within the same shelving unit. And because every item has its own specific place within the high density mobile shelving, your storage area will be better organized.

Benefits of Using High Density Mobile Shelving for Storing Athletic Equipment & Gear

  • Offers double the storage capacity of stationary shelving
  • Gear and equipment is stored in a central area for quick retrieval
  • Stores multiple types of items within the same unit
  • Ability to add accessories like doors, hanging racks, and drawers
  • Variety of end panel options to show team spirit
  • Keeps gear and equipment organized in its proper place

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