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Healthcare Facilities Save Storage Space with Mobile Shelving

Rising energy and construction costs along with limited hospital budgets and restrictive legislation make sustainability more important than ever. All healthcare institutions, from hospitals, surgical suites, clinics, physician’s offices, and laboratories need more productive and space efficient storage solutions. Mobile shelving is the answer to your healthcare facility’s storage problems.

How Mobile Shelving Works to Save Space

Mobile shelving consists of shelves or cabinets attached to wheeled carriages that move on tracks. The shelves or cabinets move to compact together and eliminate fixed aisles in between rows of shelving. To create an access aisle, you simply push a button or turn a handle. With mobile shelving, the aisle can be opened up when and where it’s needed. The result is 100% greater storage capacity or a 50% space reduction.

Where Can You Use Mobile Shelving in Your Healthcare Facility?

Mobile shelving can be used in every department throughout your healthcare facility. Here are just some examples:

  • Medical Records Storage
  • Laboratory Storage
  • Pharmacy Storage
  • Reference Library Storage
  • Operating Room Storage
  • Radiology Storage
  • Nursing Supply Storage
  • Maintenance Storage

Contact Your Local ASA Member

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