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Keep Evidence Long-Term in Mobile Storage Racks

Overcrowding and budget constraints can rob you of crucial storage space. More importantly, limited space can lead to disorganization, which often undermines security and accountability. But with ever-mounting evidence that needs to be stored and organized long-term, you need a solution that will maximize the use of space while keeping evidence protected. Mobile storage racks are the ideal solution for storing evidence long-term in your law enforcement facility.

Mobile Storage Racks Save Space

Using mobile storage racks instead of four-drawer cabinets or stationary shelving, you can cut your storage space in half. The mobile storage concept is based on converting traditional aisles in between racks into one or two movable aisles based on your activity level.  By eliminating unnecessary aisles in your long-term evidence storage area, you will be able to increase capacity for future needs or reallocate valuable floor space for other uses.

Keep All Types of Evidence in Mobile Storage Racks

Just like thumbprints, no two storage requirements are exactly alike. That’s why mobile storage racks can be designed to meet your facility’s specific needs. Each section of shelving can be customized to fit the items you need to store like televisions, weapons, jewelry, narcotics, clothing, biological materials, bicycles, and so much more.

Mobile Storage Racks Secure Your Evidence

Another benefit to mobile storage racks is the ability to lock either a portion of shelves or the entire system. Because the rows of racks compact together, it’s easy to add a lock to any section. And controlling access to stored evidence protects the chain of custody.

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