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Compact Mobile Shelving for Library Book & Collection Storage

Today’s libraries store much more than just books. And function differently as well. Your space is a hub of frenetic activity filled with growing resources and increased visitor expectations.  So how do you store what you have, gain space for what’s coming, and free up space for resource areas? With compact mobile shelving specially designed for library book and collection storage.

Maximize Your Library Storage Space with Compact Mobile Shelving

Compact mobile shelving is designed to maximize floor space by allowing unused book ranges to be consolidated until they are needed.  It also allows you to take advantage of unused overhead space. Because the compact mobile shelving systems save so much library storage space, they can be a very cost-effective alternative to new construction.

What Can You Keep in Compact Mobile Shelving

Compact mobile shelving is available in a large variety of heights colors and they are handicap accessible. You can also store a wide variety of items in the shelving including:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Oversized materials
  • Three-ring binders
  • And much more
  • Magazines
  • Videotapes
  • CDs
  • Newspapers

Benefits of Using Compact Mobile Shelving for Library Storage

  • Offers twice the storage capacity of conventional bookshelves.
  • Creates more space for visitors, resources and learning centers.
  • Provides easy access and retrieval.
  • Keeps resources onsite for easy user access.
  • Customizable to any storage need.
  • Ensures ADA compliance and exceed ALA standards.
  • Provides improved organization and efficiency.

Contact Your Local ASA Member

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