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Library Cantilever Shelving & Four Post Bookshelves for Library Storage

Your library involves several different storage requirements ranging from books to periodicals, files to binders and multi-media to microfiche. With the right library storage system, you can ensure everything is in the right place for your customers.

Library Cantilever Shelving and Four Post Bookshelves for Efficient Library Storage

There are two primary types of library storage, cantilever shelving and four post bookshelves. Cantilever shelving is found most often in public libraries and four post bookshelves are found in many schools, corporate and private libraries. We offer both styles of library shelving to accommodate all of your requirements.

Both types of library storage systems, cantilever shelving and four post bookshelves, are hard-working and durable for the constant use your library sees on a daily basis. And the shelving can be used throughout your library: standard bookstacks, periodical displays, children’s areas, reference materials, and much more.

Additional Accessories for Your Library Storage System

There are a variety of accessories you can add to the library cantilever shelving and four post bookshelves including designer end panels and specialized lighting. Designer end panels enhance the look of your library storage system with beautiful designs from full blown wood, laminate, steel and even plexiglass or acrylic styles.

Specialized lighting for cantilever shelving and four post bookshelves sets off the beauty of your library collection and designer end panels. Using lights above your library storage system allows you to showcase your library and ensure no dark spots in between aisles of shelving prevent users from finding media.

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