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Art Storage Racks for Hanging Framed Paintings & Pictures

While the heart of any cultural institution or museum is its collection, effective storage and preservation are what keep your organization viable. Proper safekeeping and absolute protection are necessary in preserving a collection of priceless framed paintings and pictures.

But storing framed paintings and pictures can be a challenge: some are old and delicate; they vary in sizes; and they fluctuate between storage and display. Art storage racks solve all of these problems and offer secure storage for framed pictures and paintings.

Benefits of the Art Storage Racks

Here are just a few of the benefits of using art storage racks:

  • Keeps paintings and pictures up off the floor
  • Centralizes storage of framed artwork
  • Makes accessing stored items easy and efficient
  • Organizes inventory of art for quick counting

How the Art Storage Racks Work

The art hangs from wire mesh panels that provide ventilation for proper air circulation to protect your museum’s collection. By utilizing double-sided racks, the hanging surface is maximized. Even though the art hangs from both sides of the panels, it’s protected from damage by the mesh panels that separate each piece from one another.

Art Storage Rack Options to Save Space

Art storage racks can be fixed and mounted to the wall, or they can be put onto a high-density mobile carriage system. By incorporating art storage racks on high-density carriages you will store the same amount of hanging framed painting and pictures as stationary racks but in 50% of the floor space. The benefit to you is less space required for collection storage.

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