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Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles

Eliminate Waste in Your Warehouse with the Right Storage & Retrieval Solutions

The most common traditional storage and retrieval system–walking around static shelving to locate parts and inventory, bending, lifting or climbing ladders to retrieve the parts/inventory, then bringing the same to another location–is time consuming, labor intensive, injury prone and inefficient. The bottom line is that outdated storage systems hurt company revenue. With automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), waste is eliminated and revenue increased through automated storage and retrieval all in one location, faster picking speed, and increased storage capacity in a smaller footprint. Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles are advanced systems designed to optimize your manufacturing, distribution, or production facility. The automated lifts and storage shuttles will provide increased storage capacity, improved picking accuracy, and more ergonomic product handling.

How Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles Work to Store/Retrieve Parts and Inventory

Each Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles is constructed of an industrial steel rack structure with varied payload capacities depending on the manufacturer and the application for use. Each rack frame is composed of front and rear parallel sections for storage, with an extractor (elevator) mechanism aisle in between. The extractor (elevator) mechanism travels vertically in the extractor aisle, between the front and rear storage sections, to retrieve / deposit part trays to their assigned location, or to the delivery/access window. Once the extractor mechanism locates the appropriate tray location or, it extracts or deposits the tray to an operator bay, or opening, where the part or product is retrieved. This system is called the goods-to-person principle.
The automated delivery of parts and inventory directly to the operator greatly increases employee productivity and picking accuracy. Picking accuracy can further be increased with the use of picking aids: barcode scanners, put-to-light, LED and laser pointers. Additionally the ergonomic delivery of parts/inventory reduces the likelihood of employee injuries. Lastly, utilizing vertical space to store up to thousands of parts and/or inventory in a singular location greatly reduces your storage footprint – up to 80%.

Benefits Summary of Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles

  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval
  • Improved inventory management control
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Lockable doors and password-protected access to inventory
  • Provide dust protection
  • Up to 80% savings in floor space by turning unused air space into productive storage space
  • Up to 600% increase in productivity

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