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Compact Shelving & Moveable Aisle Racks | Rolling Storage Shelves on Tracks

The Most Space-Efficient Storage and Filing System

If you are looking for one of the most space-efficient storage and filing systems, compact shelving (sometimes known as moveable aisle racks or rolling storage shelves on tracks) is the solution. Compact storage shelving goes beyond traditional filing and storage shelves by installing shelving on carriages that roll on floor tracks (that’s why it’s called rolling storage shelving on tracks). Placing shelving on the rolling carriages eliminates the need for a fixed aisle in between each section of shelving. Now, with the push of a button or turn of a mechanical handle, an aisle opens up when and where you need it to access stored items (hence the name moveable aisle racks).

Replacing traditional static shelving with compact shelving can reduce your storage footprint by one-half, freeing up valuable real estate for other profit-generating uses! Or, it may allow you to get rid of off-site storage costs with the new storage space you have just created. Likewise, if you need more storage space and have no room, replacing static shelving with compact shelving will allow you to double your storage capacity using the same footprint.

Where Can Compact Shelving be Used?

Compact shelving can be used for filing and storage in a wide variety of applications:

  • Customer: sales & service records
  • Office: supplies, boxes, binders, archives
  • Medical: supplies, specimens, patient records, pharmaceuticals
  • Library: books, media & references
  • Bulk storage: linens & laundry
  • Industrial: tools, parts, equipment
  • Police: evidence, property, arrest records
  • Museum: artwork & historical artifacts

Where Can Compact Shelving be Used?

Common areas that you can use the compact shelving for filing and storage include,

  • Customer, sales & service records
  • Medical, pharmaceutical & dental records
  • Libraries, media & reference centers
  • Bulk storage, linens & laundry
  • Tool & equipment centers
  • Police departments & correctional facilities
  • Artwork storage and museum shelving
  • Office archives
  • Athletic: equipment and uniforms
  • Government: equipment, tactical gear, records, etc.

No matter what name you call it – compact storage racks, moveable aisle filing, rolling storage file racks, compact rack shelving – you will find that you will save valuable real estate space, increase your storage capacity and/or reduce your storage footprint.

Benefits of Automated Vertical Lift Modules & Industrial Storage Shuttles

  • Ergonomic storage and retrieval work stations
  • Improved inventory management control
  • Lockable doors and password-protected access to inventory
  • Provide dust protection
  • Up to 80% savings in floor space by turning unused air space into productive storage space
  • Up to 600% increase in productivity

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