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High Density Compact Racks
High Density Compact Racks are a great solution for industrial and warehouse applications, including any application that calls for storage of bulky items or voluminous amounts of storage, easy access, and/or visibility. High-Density Compact Racks can be fitted with pallet racks or a variety of adjustable shelving to create a compact, space-saving, accessible storage solution.

Since High Density Compact Racks are installed side-by-side together on rolling carriages attached to rails, it eliminates the need for multiple aisles between racks. With the push of a button or turn of a mechanical handle, heavy loads move easily from side to side and you can open up an aisle when and where you want for easy access to stored items.

Eliminating aisles and storing vertically with compact shelving can double your storage capacity, reducing your storage footprint, or eliminating the need to expand your real estate for storage purposes. It can also free up space to use for profit-generating purposes, increasing your bottom line.

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