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High Density Mobile Filing & Storage Shelving Racks Cabinets

High Density Mobile Systems Used for More than Just Filing

High Density Mobile Systems in the past were used mostly for storing files in offices. Over the years these systems are now also used for the storage of a variety of items in many different markets. For example, High Density Mobile Systems can store library books, police evidence, museum artifacts, athletic equipment, medical supplies, law office boxes, school supplies, and so much more.

High Density Mobile Systems Work with Carriages and Tracks

By mounting High Density Mobile Systems on wheeled carriages that run on tracks, you eliminate the need for fixed aisles. You simply push a button or turn a handle to open an aisle where you want it. With this system, the aisle can be opened up when and where it’s needed. The newly created aisle allows access to stored items.

Use Shelving, Racks or Cabinets with Your High Density Mobile System

The reason High Density Mobile Systems are able to store a large variety of items is their flexibility. Your items are actually stored in whatever is attached to the carriages. You can use shelving, racks, cabinets, or any combination of the three. For example, athletic equipment can be stored in shelving, and you can adjust each of the shelves to accommodate whatever is stored inside them like helmets or uniforms. You could also use museum cabinets within the High Density Mobile System to ensure your artifacts are protected and secure. Another option is to use racks for storing large and bulky items like TVs that become police evidence.

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