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High Density Mobile Storage Shelving

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving Saves Space

The concept of High Density Mobile Storage Shelving is to eliminate aisle space by compacting sections of shelving on a moveable carriage. Styles of High Density Mobile Storage Shelving available are the electric (powered push button), mechanical assistance (hand crank) and manual. Electric systems offer ease of use and protection for all of your stored assets. When the job is large or demands security, powered systems provide safeguards, fire protection and user safety with one-touch operation. Mechanically assisted systems feature ergonomically designed handles offering ease of movement no matter what the weight load. Manual systems provide an economical option for smaller storage applications.

Because of the moving aisles and compacted shelving, you can reduce your storage floor space requirements by up to 66% compared to traditional lateral file cabinets. High Density Mobile Storage Shelving allows you to condense multiple storage rooms into one room, or shrink your existing storage space and free up floor space for people. Often it allows you to potentially eliminate the need for offsite storage, because you are now using your storage space better.

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving Increases Storage Capacity

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving can increase your capacity 300% in the same floor space over traditional storage systems. Traditional office filing cabinets only have four to five file drawers, whereas High Density Mobile Storage Shelving has seven to eight file storage levels. And because High Density Mobile Storage Shelving uses file shelves instead of filing drawers you don’t need a ladder or stool to access files. Combine the vertical file storage benefits with eliminating unused access aisles and you have a very high capacity filing system.

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving Can Store More Than Just Files

In addition to floor space savings, rolling high capacity file racks are also very flexible. These mobile filing cabinets store a wide variety of items.

Typical applications include:

  • Customer: sales & service records
  • Office: supplies, boxes, binders
  • Medical: supplies, specimens, patient records
  • Library: books, media & references
  • Bulk storage: linens & laundry
  • Industrial: tools, parts, equipment
  • Police: evidence, property, arrest records
  • Museum: artwork & historical artifacts

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