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Mailroom Furniture

Inefficiency in the mailroom (also known as mail centers) can have a direct affect on your company’s bottom line through delayed billing, delayed receipt of receivables and delay of critical hard copy correspondence. The right Mailroom Furniture will maximize efficiency and workflow in this critical area of your company. ASA members provide both standard Mailroom and Modular Mailroom Furniture which will help ensure information is organized and gets to the right person at your company.

In addition, our Mailroom Furniture options are modular, which means everything can be reconfigured and relocated at any time. This allows mailroom personnel to keep pace with change in the organization and maintain maximum operational efficiency as that change occurs. The best Mailroom Furniture must be extremely durable and flexible at the same time. Whether you are building a new facility or expanding existing areas, our Mailroom Furniture will help you meet your specific needs by providing flexible and durable work environments.

Here are some of the products available:

Mail Center Furniture: a comprehensive line of sort modules, table consoles and platforms.

Satellite Mail Stations: built-in or freestanding satellite mail stations to fit any environment.

Freestanding Modules: units with enclosed storage below, pullout work shelves, and units with or without doors. Applications include forms management, literature fulfillment, satellite mail distribution and proposal/booklet creation.

Packaging, Shipping and Distribution Stations: a wide range of sizes to accommodate manual and automated systems such as adjustable scale units, packaging consoles, manifest stations and conveyer tables.

Copy Centers: rolling consoles, paper storage units and divider tab stations to organize your main or satellite copy centers.

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