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Mezzanines provide an excellent way to take advantage of unused space by turning the air overhead into storage, office space or production space. Custom steel mezzanines and prefabricated mezzanine systems may be designed for any of the following applications:

  • General storage
  • In plant offices
  • Equipment platform
  • Parts inventory 
  • Retail stores
  • Training facilities
  • The possibilities are endless.

Freestanding mezzanines are self supported, providing use on multiple levels with stairway options. Structural mezzanines can be installed using the walls and posts for support.

The advantages of mezzanines include:

  • Double or triple the floor space, storage and shelving
  • Excellent for warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Heavy duty columns provide strength and heavy loading capacity
  • Stairs and handrails are available for easy access
  • Rated for specific seismic code regulations

Mezzanines require planning for building and fire codes, including integration from specialists. ASA offers mezzanine design service and integration services for mezzanine applications.

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