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Mobile Workstations, Benching Systems & Meeting Booths

From maximum privacy to open collaboration, and everything in between, Swiftspace offers fast and flexible workspace solutions. Mobile workstations, benching systems, meeting booths, private offices, mobile walls, mobile storage and more — each product line incorporates most or all of the unique features below, taking flexibility and use-ability to a whole new level:
• Mobile all-in-one folding/unfolding system
• No parts or pieces – no tools needed
• Setup and configure your workstations immediately
• Takedown or reconfigure your furniture easily
• No professional installation required
• Storable at 15% of its original size (most lines)
• Permanent workstations or retain mobility, as desired
• Quickly change between a focused workstation or collaborative area
• Wheelchair accessible (meeting rooms)
• Height Adjustable options
• Attractive Design

6 Reasons to Use Swiftspace Flexible Furniture

  1. Foldable, Making Them Easy To Store and Move

Permanence is an option with Swiftspace. Easily fold down units into compact, storable dimensions and never worry about losing parts or pieces. All of the Swiftspace products are on castors for easy moving. The single-piece designs allow the products to be easily transported.

  1. No Professional Installers Required

You can change your entire office setup in no time at all, with no help, and no tools thanks to Swiftspace’s ingenious product line. Castors, hinges, and simple clasps make setup a one-person job.

  1. Unique and Customizable for Your Workspace

There are many available options and accessories with the Swiftspace line, which means that your company can have it just the way you want it. Mix and match workstations, benching systems and meeting booths to create the ideal workspace for your business.

  1. More Flexibility in the Workplace

Today, tight deadlines have employees tied to their desks, but tomorrow a prospective client will require innovative collaboration. With mobile workstations and benching systems, it is possible to accommodate the needs of the staff and make your office perfectly adaptable.

  1. Increased Productivity

Get more out of your employees when morale is high and innovation is outwardly supported. The Swiftspace product line allows your office to have the best of both worlds – private workstations to drown out possible distractions, and open space areas for positive collaboration.

  1. Long Lasting Durability

While Swiftspace products make permanence an option, they are built sturdy and can withstand punishment day in and day out without failing. Swiftspace’s manufacturing processes, best materials and testing of each product ensures that you get the very best product at the best possible price.

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