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Modular Casework Cabinetry

Modular Casework Cabinetry offers a flexible and functional solution for any office, laboratory, clinic, school or anywhere else that traditional millwork is used.  Whether you are renovating or relocating, traditional built-in millwork usually ends up in the landfill, but Modular Casework Cabinetry is built to move with you.

Here are just some of the advantages of using Modular Casework Cabinetry:

  • Much shorter turnaround times than traditional millwork cabinets.
  • Existing casework can be relocated and reused, as needed.
  • Lightweight allows cabinets to be easily hung on the wall.
  • Everything is prefabricated and built to order.
  • The depreciation cycle is 7 years instead of 30 years for almost all other workspace solutions.
  • It greatly reduces disruptions due to construction noise, dust, and contractors.

We offer all types of Modular Casework Cabinetry for healthcare facilities, schools, nurse stations, offices, and laboratories. You can choose from a variety of exterior finishes and materials for cabinets built to meet your specific needs. Also choose from:

  • Work surface options include laminate, stainless, solid and bactericidal.
  • Modular wall cabinets are easy to install and relocate.
  • Insertable organizer slots and drawers improve efficiency.
  • Trays, shelves, drawers, dividers, doors and hanging files adjust and interchange to make organization easy.
  • Change organizer width, height and capacity on demand.
  • Powder coat paint finishes on all metal surfaces improve durability and aesthetics.
  • Level units have adjustable glides that can be replaced with casters to form mobile units.
  • Task lighting can be specified as well as outlet locations where needed.

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