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Barcode & RFID File Tracking Solutions

Barcode File Tracking Systems

File tracking systems give companies control over records management, retention, employee accountability and workflow processes in your business cycle. ASA members offer File Tracking Solutions to customers for tracking all types of media. Our solutions can be custom designed to meet the end user’s application; it can be as simple as check in/check out and as detailed as automating tasks to be completed by users for each folder for that file to be complete and integrating with RFID.

Barcode File Tracking Systems

Barcode File Tracking Systems are configured around your files and how you use your records. Records management systems for tracking file folders allow end users to search for missing files, give retention dates to groups of files, request or transfer files and many more functions.

Barcode tracking conversions take hard copy data from folders and databases and integrate them with records management software. Records management software fields are coined with industry terminology for optimal searching and tracking convenience. File Folders are configured with color coded labels and bar codes for tracking throughout the life cycle of the folder.

RFID File Tracking SystemsRFID and Barcode File Tracking

ASA members also offer RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) File Tracking systems to customers for records management, finding lost files, file audits and file folder inventories. RFID File Tracking systems can be custom designed to meet the end user’s application. RFID is accomplished by implementing RFID tags on file folders and interfacing to a records management solution. The system allows companies to know the location of every record with portable readers able to detect files passively, without a line of sight requirement. Utilizing a portable RFID reader, users can find lost files, check files in and out of the file room and perform file audits or inventories without a line of sight requirement.

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