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File Relocation Services

Your records are the heart of your business. When a law firm moves, the safe transportation of their client files is of utmost importance. Banks moving loan files, doctors moving their patient files all have one goal in common – transport the records in a safe and confidential manner and have them arrive at the new location in a timely fashion.

If your company is planning to relocate to a new facility or reorganizing your infrastructure, it will require preparation. Our ASA members can help you to plan early, by providing an opportunity to evaluate and enhance current information management processes, filing and storage systems and record management technologies. We begin by updating or creating a record inventory to ensure that all data is accounted for before and after the File Relocation.

File Relocation Services also include mapping record locations, sequencing and labeling each series, unloading, transporting, and reloading shelves; and conducting a final inventory to ensure an accurate transfer.

Our members will work with you to customize and implement an approach that best fits your organization’s business needs. If your company is planning a consolidation and centralization, we can help you evaluate how effectively space will be managed to accommodate existing and newly integrated record and information inventories.

Contact Your Local ASA Member

ASA members are ready to help you design a filing and storage system that will maximize space and productivity in your workplace. To learn more, find the ASA member in your area or fill out a form to have a member contact you.