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Maintenance ServicesMaintenance Services

Have you ever had the handle on your High Density Mobile Storage Shelving turn freely without the carriage moving too? Has your Vertical Carousel experienced down time due to photocell eye problems? Automated Solutions Association members offer Maintenance Service and contracts on storage systems that need a tune up from time to time, providing skilled contractors to service and maintain your investment.

Here are some examples of our Maintenance Services:

Rotary File Cabinet Maintenance: can include broken locks, broken foot pedals and damaged bases. Rotary File Cabinets can be damaged from improper usage and also very commonly from being moved by moving companies who are not factory certified to install the equipment.

High Density Mobile Storage Shelving Maintenance: could be as simple as a loose or stuck handle on a mechanical assist system or as complicated as working on an unlevel track install. Electric Mobile Storage Shelving systems require periodic tune ups, including adjusting safety eyes, controls and cleaning debris from the track.

Vertical Carousel Maintenance: could be as simple as a photocell eye alignment issue or could involve boards and other parts inside of the machine needing replaced. A factory certified technician will analyze your equipment and perform the necessary service required.

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