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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems | ASRS Material Handling Equipment

Using Automation for Inventory & Parts Storagevertical automatic stacker lifts

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are found in nearly every industry in countries throughout the world. From manufacturing and wholesale distribution to warehousing, retail sales, mining, and forestry, organizations interested in cost effective increases in their operational efficiencies rely on AS/RS material handling equipment. There are three main types of AS/RS machines: vertical automatic stacker lifts, vertical automated storage carousels, and horizontal automated picking systems. Each of these automated storage solutions uses the goods-to-person principle to make inventory and parts storage and retrieval more effective.

How Automatic Parts Retrieval Works Using the Goods-to-Person Principle

Traditionally in picking, operators are given a list of items or parts to pick. They walk around to the storage rack with the item and take it back to where it was needed. Because the automated storage and retrieval systems use the goods-to-person principle, the actions are reversed. The AS/RS machines bring the requested items to the operator. Inventory management solutions and pick to light software knows where the items are stored in the machine, delivers them to the operator, and indicates where the operator should reach to retrieve the item.

This automated inventory system combined with the AS/RS equipment increases productivity, improves accuracy, and reduces work related injuries. Because employees are no longer wasting time and risking injury searching, bending over or climbing on ladders, they can do their jobs much faster and more ergonomically.

More About the Three Different Types of AS/RS MachinesHorizontal automated picking systems

Depending on your material handling facility’s specific needs, you can decide which AS/RS machine (or combination of the three) will work best for you.

Vertical automatic stacker lifts utilize a high-speed extractor to retrieve / deliver storage trays to the operator. The stacker lifts extend vertically to use overhead space and minimize the use of floor space needed for storage. The stacker lifts also make the most of the space inside the machine. If space savings is your goal, then this solution is the best option. (Read more about the vertical automatic stacker lifts).

Vertical automated storage carousels rotate shelves on a vertical elliptical track and deliver the requested shelf to the operator. These carousels are perfect for replacing traditional bin storage shelving racks because of the amount of floor space saved. The carousels are ideal for small parts and uniformly sized inventory. (Read more about the vertical automated storage carousels).

Horizontal automated picking systems rotate shelves on a horizontal elliptical track to a pick up / delivery workstation. These picking systems provide exceptional throughput capabilities in high volume pick applications such as distribution centers. When the horizontal systems are grouped into pods, batch picking is easy and efficient. (Read more about the horizontal automated picking systems).

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