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Heavy Duty Storage RacksHeavy Duty Storage Racks

ASA members can design and install all types of Heavy Duty Storage Racks to fill a wide variety of requirements, whether your business has a small storage room or several warehouses. Here are just some of the kinds of Heavy Duty Storage Racks offered:

  • Pallet racks can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the items being stored and can handle extremely heavy loads.
  • Wide span shelving uses high steel beams to support decking over longer spans in order to hold extra wide, heavy items.
  • Tire rack shelving systems store tires on industrial grade shelving for both vehicles and planes. The shelving is configured with heavy duty beams that can store full wheel assemblies or empty tires in a high density fashion.
  • Hi-Pile shelving systems are configured for archive storage centers. Shelving will utilize vertical height in archive centers for maximum storage capacity in warehouse space. Hi-Pile Shelving has fire and building code requirements as well as permit issues than need to be handled by a professional.

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