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High Density Compact RacksHigh Density Compact Racks

High Density Compact Racks allow you to store a variety of items and can fit in almost all locations. You can save up to half of the storage space you have now or even have twice its normal capacity. High Density Compact Racks feature rows able to accommodate heavy volume that slide along rails, closing tight against the next row. Enjoy 100% access to stored items with shelving that can move from side to side easily. Save on expansion costs as storage space is maximized, removing the need for further construction.

Have total utilization of your storage room or warehouse with High Density Compact Racks that provide convenient and fast access to your inventory. You can increase the materials you can store in your office or store and make locating items in warehouse storage easier. In fact, for warehouse storage applications the High Density Compact Racks can be fitted with all kinds of pallet racks to create a space saving, accessible industrial solution. Aside from being able to move heavy items with minimal effort, High Density Compact Racks frees up more space for production and other equipment and removes congestion.

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