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Wire Shelving RacksWire Shelving Racks

Wire Shelving Racks are becoming the norm for both small and large warehouses. ASA members offer Wire Shelving Racks in all shapes and sizes that can be fully customized to fit the available space. Large volumes of items or heavier equipment can be stored without compromising durability.

Making your Wire Shelving Racks into a high density system is excellent for storing large, heavy inventory. The wire allows more circulation than solid shelves, and makes it easier to view items from below. Wire shelving racks can also be placed on floor track units to increase storage space. The advantages of wire shelving racks can be summarized as follows:

  • Excellent for office filing and storage as well as industrial
  • Increases usable floor space
  • Allows for greater visibility from below and at the sides
  • Durable, long lasting and heavy duty
  • Stackable, moveable and reconfigurable
  • Requires less upkeep

Aside from an industrial setting, Wire Shelving Racks are also favored in food services and healthcare applications because of their many advantages. Their wire construction doesn’t block sprinkler systems and requires less maintenance as it doesn’t collect dust or other debris. The bright and attractive finish of Wire Shelving Racks also makes a space feel less congested.

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