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Workspace Technology


For more than two decades, we have assisted all types of businesses to:

  • Utilize their existing space more efficiently
  • Improve current storage and filing methods
  • Lessen retrieval time
  • Plan for expansion or renovations
  • Save on the cost of construction

You can expect more with Workspace Technology because each product we offer was meticulously chosen to meet the needs of our clients at every level. You will always have a broad range of options from which to choose, and you can rely on our systems every time.

Point Of Contact

Bill Powers

912 N US HWY 41, Ruskin, FL 33570


Enjoy higher productivity and better efficiency with the following systems:

High Density Mobile Storage Systems

Store more in less space with High Density Storage Systems. The flexibility of our systems gives you the ability to increase efficiency, create storage space virtually anywhere, reconfigure areas to meet your changing needs, and prevent theft by limiting access.

Options include:

Mobilex High Density Mobile System

Available with both electrical and mechanical mechanisms, Montel’s state-of-the-art, high-density movable storage systems are very adaptable, so that you have the option of customizing your shelving, while making the most of your storage area’s capacity.

Safe Aisle High Density Mobile System

SafeAisle lets you get the most of your space and its LED Guard Technology provides top-notch storage security. SafeAisle is equipped with detection cameras that monitor an open aisle in its entirety, with no areas overlooked. This 100% coverage guarantees no missed areas.

SAFERAK Industrial Powered Racking

Designed for industrial environments, SAFERAK lets you boost your storage capacity or create more space for production. This high-performance, high-capacity system can eliminate wasteful aisle space and free up more than half of your existing storage space by compacting your racking system.

RACK&ROLL Industrial Mechanical Racking

RACK&ROLL is a mechanical mobile racking system created to boost productivity and efficiency through storage optimization. This is a high performance system that eliminates wasted space, thus freeing up over half of your existing storage area.



At Workspace Technology, we believe in flexible solutions, as we have found they lead to the best outcomes. Shelving is not a one-size-fits-all item, so we use this principle to offer you a broad range of options. Manufactured by Montel, our shelving systems provide far more choices than traditional shelving. You have the opportunity to reconfigure the units as time goes on, or make other adjustments to create space for various items along the way. Choose from:

Library Mobile Shelving Systems

Whether electrical or mechanical, this movable storage solution is designed to be cost-effective and efficient.. A vast array of accessories are also available, including hanging files, multimedia drawers, and reference shelves. Optional safety and security features are available as well.

Hybria 4-Post Shelving and Racking

This four-post, long-span storage solution is perfect for light industrial environments, warehouses, and museums in need of a place to keep objects that simply can’t be accommodated by standard storage systems.

High-Bay Shelving Off-Site Storage

High-bay shelving systems are flexible, stable, durable and space-efficient, and can be used with other models in the Montel line. The solution offers unique features for structural integrity and optimal flexibility.

Aetnastak Cantilever Shelving

Aetnastak Cantilever Shelving as a top choice among libraries and similar institutions. Regardless of the configuration you prefer, you can depend on Aetnastak cantilever library shelving for rock solid support that is built to last.


Markets We Serve

Regardless of the market you are in, Workspace Technology has the experience to provide you with your industry’s most profitable and productive storage solutions.

  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Indoor Farming
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Sporting Establishments
  • Industrial Businesses
  • Cold Storage
  • Military & Public Safety

Museum Storage and Art Racks

At Workspace Technology, we believe that flexible solutions are the best. One-dimensional shelving is rarely the most appropriate option, and therefore we offer a wide array of choices in this category. These options include the following:


With its elegant, compact, practical dimensions, the ModulArt system for art storage is functionality at its best. Each unit is a freestanding, pre-assembled mobile structure, and as your collections or displays grow, you can add more.

Pull-Out Art Racking

Available in either a floor mounted or ceiling suspended rack format, these double sided panels are ideal for works of different weights and sizes.

This system allows you to get the most of your storage capacity without having to worry about the artwork and paintings coming in contact with each other.

Mobile Storage Panel Systems

Montel mobile storage panel systems effectively enhance your ability to utilize every square foot of your storage space through the use of vertical, double-sided panels which are affixed to a movable carriage.

This is an excellent solution for all artwork, paintings, artifacts, or other items for which you prefer suspended storage.

Textile & Artifact Storage

We offer textile storage and flat files to facilitate the handling of such objects and maximize the use of all your available space.

These systems are designed to store fragile, valuable items that you can’t trust to just any type of storage. We also offer cabinets that re-create the climate necessary to store specific items.

High Density Vertical Growing Systems

Whether a farm, grow room, or greenhouse, we can help you double your growing capacity with our versatile systems designed to accommodate any farming environment need.

These mobile systems reduce the square footage you need for storage, giving you additional room in the short term, but also expanding your production area in the long term.

GreenRak High Density Growing System

Discover new square footage you didn’t realize existed and enjoy the benefits you will reap: more production and better service await with GreenRak’s configurable, space-saving systems.

Vertical Carousels and Lifts

We are proud and pleased to bring the top names in vertical storage technology to your establishment. From the medical industry to the automotive arena, our vertical storage solutions are ideal in many fields.

We offer a vast array of vertical lift modules, vertical carousels, and horizontal carousels featuring cutting edge auto-picking software. Contact Workspace Technology to discover which vertical storage solutions are best for your individual needs.


If you’re searching for firearm lockers, wardrobe lockers, or evidence lockers, look no further than Workspace Technology. We have managed countless locker installations for law enforcement agencies, justice centers, and similar organizations. You can put your faith in Workspace Technology to bring the same expertise and dedication to your project.

Finally, you will be happy to know that we serve the state of Florida with all our storage solutions. Contact us today to discuss which system is best for your individual needs.

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