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Enhancing Chain of Custody with Evidence Lockers

Nov 19, 2023

In the world of law enforcement and justice, Chain of Custody and Security is paramount. Evidence lockers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of legal procedures. We specialize in providing evidence lockers that are designed to meet the highest security standards.

Our evidence lockers come in a variety of configurations to cater to the specific needs of any institution. Whether you require pass-thru lockers, non-pass-thru lockers, or even refrigerated lockers, we have you covered. Here are some key features of our evidence lockers:

  • 38 Standard Configurations: We understand that different situations call for different setups. That’s why we offer 38 standard configurations to choose from.
  • Pass-Back Digital Locking Option: Our advanced locking options ensure that only authorized personnel can access the evidence.
  • Durable Construction: Evidence lockers are constructed with 16-gauge steel, providing robust protection for the contents.
  • Variety of Lock Options: We offer a range of locking mechanisms to suit your preferences and security requirements.

Our pass-thru evidence lockers are built into walls, allowing evidence to be deposited from the user side and retrieved from the control side. This design ensures controlled access and secure handling. On the other hand, non-pass-thru evidence lockers provide access only from the user side and are master keyed to restrict access to authorized personnel.

For sensitive items that require temperature control, our refrigerated evidence lockers are the ideal solution. They come in different heights and can stand alone or be incorporated into standard evidence configurations. With stainless steel construction and various insert options, these lockers ensure the preservation of evidence with features like forced air circulation, refrigerator, freezer, and temperature-controlled alarms.

Trust the ASA Group members to provide you with evidence lockers that are not just secure but also tailored to your institution’s specific requirements.