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Keep inflation at bay

Sep 8, 2022

Put the Squeeze on Inflation by Squeezing Your Storage Space

Keep inflation at bay. Install the right high density storage system and convert all the extra space to revenue-producing activity.

We’re all experiencing the pain of inflation right now. It’s not just consumers who are feeling the squeeze of higher prices. Businesses, too, are paying more for materials and supplies. Inflation is eating into today’s profits and tomorrow’s growth.
Smart business leaders are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing productivity. One place they’re looking for savings is office space and its related utility and maintenance expenses. Of course, no one wants to reduce productive spaces – workstations or benching – but there is one non-revenue area that easily be reduced by 50%: the storage area. But you’ll need the right storage system to save all that space.

Storage takes up a lot of your business-space footprint.

But if your documents or materials are condensed into a high-density storage system – a mobile shelving track slider system, for example – you can reclaim up to half of your storage area for more profitable activity.

A track slider system offers a number of other inflation-beating advantages:

  • Spend only for your current needs – As your business grows, additional shelving units can be added. Why spend money now for unknown needs in the future?
  • Keep installation and relocation costs to a minimum – Unlike some other types of mobile shelving, a slider system is not fastened to the floor, making it easy to assemble, and easy to move to a new location.
  • No need for extra customization expenses – Adjustable shelving, combined with a variety of unit depths and heights, accommodates any odd-size products, boxes, or files.
  • Reduced risk of costly safety claims – Anti-tip restraints and easy-touch side-to-side sliding units keep your staff safe from injury, and keep your insurance premiums manageable.

The cost of commercial real estate has been on an upward inflationary trend, just like other operational essentials. A mobile shelving track sliding system gives back valuable space your company can grow into without adding to overhead. Condense your storage, and score a win against inflation.