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Organizing Law Enforcement Spaces with Personal Duty Lockers

Feb 19, 2023

When it comes to law enforcement, organization is key. ASA Group members offer a comprehensive solution with Personal Duty Lockers designed to meet the unique needs of Law Enforcement personnel nationwide.

Our Law Enforcement lockers are specifically crafted to provide ample storage space for law enforcement professionals. With 12 standard storage and organizational components configured in all units, these lockers offer unmatched organization. They are built using the heaviest gauge steel on the market, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, an independent base drawer option and strategic design for unobstructed airflow make these lockers stand out.

For personnel needs, our lockers are cost-effective and also highly functional. They come with six standard storage and organizational components configured in all units, catering to a range of requirements. Lock options include combo, keyed, or hasp, and you can choose between solid or ventilated door options. The bayonet latching system adds an extra layer of security, and there are independent base drawers. Electrical options available inside each locker tailored to the needs of each Department.

One of the key advantages of our lockers is their modular and stackable design. You can easily configure and reconfigure your locker system as your needs change, making them a cost-effective and versatile solution. Plus, if repairs are ever needed, you only need to replace the damaged modular piece, saving you time and money.

The modular millwork design offers stability with a full ¾” thick solid back, dual-sided laminates with a lifetime warranty against delamination and concealed base levelers. Self-closing/non-drift hinges with a lifetime warranty ensure smooth operation.

These lockers come in various dimensions and configurations, accommodating almost any space. Whether you need lockers for day use, smart lockers, athletic and gym lockers, electronic parcel lockers, or office and school use, our modular lockers have you covered.